From increased regulatory oversight to declining profits, today's providers face unprecedented challenges. Yet, beneath all of that evolving complexity is this simple truth. Attention to detail is the key to operational and financial success. And knowing which details to sweat can only come from years of industry experience.


Amura Health Solutions, LLC brings over two decades of experience on the frontlines of healthcare's changing climate. Having served hundreds of facilities and thousands of physicians in 22 states, our in-depth understanding of both the high-level operational realities and detailed processes that ensure timely, appropriate compensation make us uniquely qualified.


Our no-nonsense approach to the business of healthcare delivers results in today's competitive and ever changing marketplace. From sound, scalable processes and protocols to our value-added role as a trusted advisor, we create tailored solutions that maximize efficiencies, revenues and compliance, as well as strengthen a client's brand.


Amura Health Solutions' breadth of expertise and full spectrum of services address the diverse needs of inpatient facilities, outpatient providers and physician clients. Combining an unwavering commitment to customer service, innovative problem solving and the willingness to adapt and change, our solutions consistently deliver an excellent ROI for our clients.